Pondless Waterfall Basins
These very sturdy pondless water feature bases are designed to be buried in the ground and finished with rock or pebbles on top, or left above ground and bricked in. They act as reservoirs for the water that recirculates through waterfalls as well as drilled basalt, granite and pots. The water features are placed directly on top of the base, and lid segments allow pump access without dismantling the water feature.
Item # 30-R 30R

30 in. Diameter Round Basin

600 lb. Load Capasity, 25 Gallon Volume

Components: 1 Basin, 1 Supporting Cone, 1 Round Top Panel, 1 Access Hole Cover

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Item # 36-R 36R

36 in. Diameter Round Basin

2000 lb. Load Capasity, 35 Gallon Volume

Components: 1 Basin, 1 Center Support Cylinder, 6 Fan-Shaped Panels

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Item # 44-R 44S

44 in. Square Basin

3000 lb. Load Capasity, 50 Gallon Volume

Comonents: 1 Square Basin, 8 Support Rods, 1 Center Panel, 4 Top Panels, 4 Access Hole Covers

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